What do we really do?

Who is Frisch Capital?

If you've watched the video above, you begin to get an idea of what the Frisch team is all about.

We are experienced deal professionals who know how to sell Independent Sponsors & their transactions into the marketplace.

We do this through:

  • Structuring the deal to the benefit of the Independent Sponsor
  • Arranging all of the capital needed to close the transaction
  • Leveraging relationships built over 30+ years
  • Bringing in competition to obtain multiple term sheets on every deal
  • Marketing the Independent Sponsor with their unique value 
  • Coaching Independent Sponsors through the entire transaction

Frisch Capital is the financing arm of each Independent Sponsor and their transaction.

Because the market is inefficient, Frisch Capital is able to bring in competition on each deal. With competition Frisch Capital is able to provide our Fundless Sponsor clients great economics. Frisch Capital knows the capital sources and is able to leverage its relationships on your behalf. By bringing in multiple term sheets and proposals on each deal Frisch Capital is able to get our clients the best deal the marketplace can provide.

We sell you, the Independent Sponsor.

Frisch Capital knows that every deal involves much more than just selling the transaction. What do we mean by that? We sell you. We can talk about you, the Independent Sponsor, to the capital sources in a way that you can't. As a third party, we can talk about your many strengths without appearing to be bragging. It makes all the difference. Selling you, the Independent Sponsor, is a crucial part in Frisch Capital achieving extraordinary economics for our clients.

Lastly, we are a coach.

We are a sounding board for our Independent Sponsors.  A knowledgeable and experienced guide to you, our client, through the often tumultuous M&A market. We know the players, both equity and debt guys in the middle market. We know who makes a good partner. We know who are extraordinarily attentive to an Independent Sponsor's unique set of criteria. We know the timeline.  We know how to take a deal from beginning to end and attain that "certainty of closing". 


Typical Transaction Profile

$5 - $500MM in Revenue
$1 - $50MM in EBITDA


Business Services
Transportation & Logistics
Consumer Products
Consumer Retail
Technology, Media, & Telecom
Specialty Finance
Natural Resources
Real Estate
Entertainment & Leisure