Serving Independent Sponsors in all their financing and transaction needs since 1996. 


Ways we serve Independent Sponsors include:


Capital Raising

FCP prides itself on structuring unique, creative financial packages for its Independent Sponsors through:

  • Senior Term Loans
  • Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Equipment Financing
  • Bridge Loans
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Unitranche (One-Stop) Loans
  • Convertible Debt
  • Preferred Equity
  • Majority Equity
  • Minority Equity

Frisch Capital has extensive experience in completing transactions for Fundless Sponsors by connecting them with not only sources of capital, but also long-term, strategic partners. By leveraging our relationships, our financing process allows us to well exceed typical Independent Sponsor economics (closing fees, carried interest, management fees, etc). 

Strategic Advisory

Frisch Capital Partners offers unwavering commitment to our Fundless Sponsors' needs and strategic advice through the entire transaction process. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive array of services to ensure smooth transactions and superior results through:

  • Creating deal marketing materials
  • Construction of financial models
  • Guidance on structuring, pricing, fees, and other material terms
  • Complete financial and operational due diligence
  • Coordinating efficient communication with all parties
  • Preparing Independent Sponsor clients with interactions with investors/lenders

Leverage Recaps


In addition to working with Independent Sponsors to fund their transactions, FCP works directly with companies that have a complex and challenging balance sheet and capital structure situation. Our approach involves a relentless focus on developing appropriate capital structure solutions that provide companies with adequate liquidity, capital funding, and financial flexibility to execute long-term business planning.

Unique Situations



We often joke that people come to Frisch Capital with the "uncommon deals". FCP provides buy-side advisory, sell-side advisory, and comprehensive financing solutions. Specifically, we help arrange bridge financing, unique financing all resulting in atypical transactions.  

Our success-based fee model aligns our interests directly with our yours. We strongly believe that through each transaction, we are forging lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships.

We win when our Independent Sponsors win.

When To Hire Frisch Capital?

While manyIndependent Sponsors approach FCP immediately after obtaining a letter of intent (LOI), we also enjoy forming relationships with and offering input to clients early in the deal sourcing phase. We have extensive experience in working in time-sensitive situations– our 20 years of relationships allow us to quickly market your deal to many capital providers.



Select Past Transactions

Acquisition Financing | Transportation Component Company | $500,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Rail Manufacturing Company | $100,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Leisure Services Company | $64,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Consumer Products Company | $51,000,000


Acquisition Financing | Trucking Company | $35,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Consumer Retail Company | $20,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Consumer Product Company | $16,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Manufacturing Company | $10,000,000

Refinancing Financing | Portfolio Industry Company | $9,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Service Company | $9,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Industrial Company | $5,000,000

Acquisition Financing | Consumer Services Company | $3,000,000