At Frisch Capital Partners, we realize the value of time and confidentiality to our Independent Sponsor clients, which is why our team dedicates its total resources to your deal while maintaining full discretion and professionalism. Since 1996, the dedicated team of finance professionals at FCP have raised over $1 Billion of capital from lenders, private equity shops, family offices, etc. for its Independent Sponsors to buy companies in the middle market. In addition to raising capital for Independent Sponsors' acquisitions, FCP offers creative strategic advice for refinancings and other unique transactions.  

FCP has a reputation of swiftly delivering above-market results for its Independent Sponsors. While most Independent Sponsors approach FCP immediately after obtaining a letter of intent (LOI), we also enjoy forming relationships with and offering input to clients early in the deal sourcing phase. We have extensive experience in working in time-sensitive situations– our 20 years of relationships allow us to quickly market your deal to many capital providers.

Our success-based fee model aligns our interests directly with our yours. We strongly believe that through each transaction, we are forging lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships. We win when our Independent Sponsors win.