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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

I have worked with Frisch capital partners for over 20 years, they have always come through for me and my companies. They have gotten financing structures that no one else could even approach thus increasing our rates of return. They have worked on over 15 transactions for me raising capital in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars. They are my go to shop for financing for my portfolio companies.

– Camillo

My experience with Frisch Capital was outstanding. Drew, Bob and Elizabeth delivered exactly as promised.

After substantial vetting and comparative shopping FCP was selected as my critical partner. I was delighted with their expertise, responsiveness, engagement and overall process management in a large and very successful engagement.

In the end, results are what matter – and they were professionally delivered. I would recommend FCP for any capital raising, transaction or sale oriented services

– Ross

Frisch Capital was a wonderful partner to Bassett Creek Capital. Bob and Drew were trusted business advisors on every aspect of the process. Bassett Creek will forever be grateful to Frisch Capital.

– Rob

Frisch is our go-to partner in capital raising. Thanks to them we got great economics, did a number of add-ons with a great partner. Due to our success, we now have our own fund.

– Omar

Frisch has been a critical partner in helping us raise capital for multiple deals as an independent sponsor. Put simply, they did what they said they were going to do, which is to run a competitive capital raising process and to advocate on our behalf to find multiple attractive capital partners for us to choose from on each deal. We look forward to working with Bob and Drew on future opportunities.

– Neel & Ariez

Throughout the transaction, your wisdom, steady hand and goodwill were vital to the successful commercial outcome achieved on behalf of all parties.

Most importantly, we were personally inspired by the gracious manner you brought to each discussion – your presence elevated us in an impactful way and made us all better!

– Bobby

I cannot say it any more strongly than this – Bob saved my company. We were somewhat profitable but unable to raise capital to grow. Bob helped us formulate and implement a new strategy that allowed us to attract significant funds and build again. My family and partners are eternally grateful to Bob for his assistance.

Invaluable is a word that gets tossed around indiscriminately these days – Bob’s guidance was truly invaluable in our case.

You will not go wrong having Bob on your team. I am happy to discuss at any time.

– Steven
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