Discover How Independent Sponsor Clients Get Better Economics

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Control for Independent Sponsor Transactions The Independent Sponsor model allows for an individual with experience but not capital to become an owner of a profitable business. How much ownership do you get? Watch this to find out.

Choosing the Right Capital Partner for Independent Sponsors As an Independent Sponsor you are responsible for not just putting the deal together, but holding the deal together. Choosing the right capital provider will be one of the most important and life-defining decisions you make in your career. Here are some things to look for and what to expect when making this decision.

How Quickly Can Independent Sponsors Get Term Sheets If you don’t understand the amount of time it takes to get interested parties to give you a proposal, how are you to structure and plan your deal timeline? Here we will discuss the time we have found to get proposals in hand from the day you launch your deal.

Common Letter of Intent (LOI) Mistakes Made By Independent Sponsors The deal process and launch starts the minute you sign your Letter of Intent. But the deal too could be over that moment if you don’t set yourself up for success. Watch this to see common Letter of Intent mistakes we hope you never make.

How Independent Sponsors Get Paid This model is unique and often described as “Too Good To Be True”. But it’s not. Independent Sponsors are buying companies and changing their futures every day. Here is how they get paid and build their fortunes doing it.

Private Equity Is An Inefficient Market For Independent Sponsors We have a job because Private Equity is just what it’s name says – private. With no public prices or offerings, we see the range of Independent Sponsor deal economics on every single deal. Watch this video to learn more about how this can and should play to your advantage.

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